Jason Armstrong

Computer Experience

I work primarily with Open Source products. My areas of expertise include Linux, C, Python, Tensorflow, Perl, PostgreSQL, Apache, MySQL, XML, SSL, HTML, PHP and related fields. I enjoy working with new technologies, and the challenge of learning.
Universal Healthcare(2022 - current)
Research & development, focused on Machine Learning.
Python, tensorflow, scikit-learn, tesseract, opencv, mlflow, matplotlib, shap, gRPC, protobuf, pandas.
Machine Learning Prague(2-4 June 2023)
Machine Learning conference in Prague
Universal Healthcare(2018 - current)
Microservice development.
Python, SQLAlchemy, Kafka, docker, kubernetes, gRPC, protobuf, Alembic, git, PostgreSQL, Jinja, pandas, sendgrid
Medikredit(Feb 2009 - Mar 2018)
ActiveMQ. libpq. FreeTDS. Stratus development. Repository design. Data process scripting. Website updates.
VOS, C, Perl, PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ, Stomp, libpq, DBI, TheSchwartz, DBIx::Class, Catalyst, PHP, Joomla, RLB, XSD validation
Novozymes(Nov 2007 - Dec 2008)
Perl development on bio database.
Perl, Catalyst, Mason, DBIx::Class, Xapian, TheSchwartz, PostgreSQL, Bio::Perl, R
YAPC::Europe(13-15 Aug 2008)
Perl conference in Copenhagen
Riverdrums Load Balancer(2006 - current)
A feature-full, very fast, event driven TCP load balancer.
C, events, sockets, network
Medikredit(Dec 2007 - June 2008)
Implementation of new website.
Joomla, MySQL, PHP, Perl, HTML, FreeBSD
Headnet(Aug - Nov 2007)
Plone development and integration with Google Gadgets. Deployment of RLB. OpenSSO research.
C, python, Plone, XML, javascript
SensePost(Dec 2006 - June 2007)
Information security company. Consulting on various report tools and generated graphs.
Perl, MySQL, GD
Riverdrums Library(2005 - current)
C library, basis of both Veldfire and the Riverdrums Server Project.
C, SMTP, sockets, CVS, Base64, email, epoll, network, IPC
Veldfire(2005 - current)
Open Source program released under the GPL. C code aimed at simplifying email functionality, provide interfaces to sending email, attaching files and sending to lists.
C, SMTP, sockets, CVS, Base64, email
MediKredit(Jan 2004 - Dec 2007)
  • Generic web-based file viewer, with support for large files, search and export
  • Upgrade of critical production box, including all applications
  • Enhancements to the HealthNet ST product, including GPRS functionality, compression and proxy tunnelling support
  • Development of AutoDownload functionality, including client/server protocol, shared memory support
  • Code to get stats from a call centre database and send to a Polycomp display
  • Development of automated volume test and build tools
  • Development of socket simulator providing functionality for testing external programs
  • Adaptation of the SFTP server to trigger custom scripts at stages of the FTP process
  • Support and development of the XMLBatch project, including reporting tools
  • System scripts and maintenance, postscript generation and email distribution
  • Custom perl modules for FTP trigger automations
  • Customisation of RT ticket system
C, Perl, sockets, CVS, XML, shared memory, IPC, X.25, FreeTDS, Postgres, MySQL, Postscript, UnixODBC, Bash, Mason
iXpress(Nov 2004 - Mar 2005)
Consulting on the iXpress web based Odocheck system.
Perl, system administration, consulting
MediKredit(Oct 2003 - Jan 2004)
Development of the Switchbatch XML Batch project in C and Perl, including XML, socket support and iSeries integration.
C, Perl, sockets, CVS, iSeries, XML
Forbrugerinformationen(Sep - Nov 2003)
Development and administration on the PubliCMS content management system.
Perl, Apache, mason, MySQL, Linux, CVS, HTML
Forbrugerinformationen(Jul - Aug 2003)
Development of the CSR Scorecard ethical project.
Perl, Apache, mason, MySQL, Linux, CVS, HTML
MediKredit(Jul - Aug 2003)
Enhancements to HealthNet ST, C development of socket layer and client API library. CVS setup of code tree.
C, sockets, CVS
Nordic Ministerial Council (Oct 2002 - Dec 2004)
Report on Open Source software for consumers.
Project management, specification, Apache, Perl, HTML
Forbrugerinformation (Oct 2001 - Oct 2002)
Development on Content Management System, specifically Ethical Database. Development of XML database export, image library and integration of youth website.
Perl, Apache, mason, MySQL, Linux, SSL, GnuPG, CVS, XML, HTML
Magenta ApS (Nov - Dec 2001)
Development of custom profile system in Perl, integrated with Content Management System, for client EU Information.
Perl, Apache, MySQL, Linux, HTML
DixaNet (Jul - Aug 2001)
C Development: SSL integration with transport library, CVS setup.
C, SSL, OpenSSL, CVS, Linux
danmarkbynight.dk (May - Jun 2001)
Optimisation of web server and database; code to analyse email and web pages.
C, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux
Bridge Trading Services (2001)
Gecco software product. C development of parser, translator / mapper, client and server, SSL support.
C, sockets, OpenSSL, CRC
Datrix Solutions (Pty) Ltd (1998 - 2002)
Technical director and partner.
Barotti Online (Pty) Ltd (2000)
Development of a comprehensive web-based, e-commerce system.
Apache Conference, London (Aug 2000)
Attendance at the first European Apache conference.
Apache, PHP, XML, C, DAV
Linux 2000 Conference, Sandton, Johannesburg (Nov 2000)
Guest Speaker: Modules and the Apache Web Server
Apache, C, HTTP
HealthNet ST (1999)
A transport layer program to transfer scripts between a pharmacy and MediKredit for adjudication using X.25 or a modem.
C, Windows, DOS, Xenix, SCO, Linux
Case Study
WebEDI (1998)
Pilot of the HealthBridge API, providing member eligibility checking to Discovery Health.
C++ Builder, C
Treebuilder (1997 - 1998)
CGI program to create a hierarchical tree. Web based administration interface. Deployed at Standard Bank and at ABSA Bank.
Mreport (1999 - 2000)
An open source maillog summary generator.
C, autoconf, automake, Linux, sendmail
Web server administration and development (1997 - 2000)
System administration (1997 - 2000)
Responsible for email, file, web, firewall, backup, CVS, FTP, logging, DNS, domain control and administration servers.
rsync, shell scripting, C, Samba, NFS, FTP, MySQL, ipchains, DNS
Backups (1997 - 2000)
Tape, disk and data mirroring.
Shell scripting, rsync, NFS, Samba
Bug Tracking (1998 - 1999)
Custom modifications to the jitterbug event tracking system.
C, CGI, sendmail, HTML
Imagin (1998 - 1999)
Apache module: document scanning and archival utility.
Apache, C, HTML
Fact (1998 - 2000)
Apache module: web-based contact management system and front-end server to a mSQL database.
Apache, C, mSQL, HTML, socket programming
Thumb (1998)
CGI web image thumbnail viewer.